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ppt / . In 1974/75, he foretold the invasion of Russia in Afghanistan and predicted the disintegration of Russia. Can you remember your four-letter code? Join Sh. " "Oh My servant, I am happy with you!" 13 Chapters of Good Advice (Part 1) 13 Chapters of Good Advice (Part 2) A fish can never grow larger than the Ocean; A question posed by the disciples of Jesus: 11th October 2010; A Sign Has come for Our However, we never really directed our attention to ‘higher matter’, that is, the opposite extreme of the sequence; going from matter, up to a ‘higher state’ of matter. Another personality trait that spiritual practitioners almost always seem to show is a fascination with spirituality. This is a sort of sublimation process of human self in the path of spiritual evolution. . But have you ever thought about your personality in spiritual terms? “There are questions and practices that we naturally gravitate toward in our own individual spirituality. This knowledge, in rank, is the most exalted state of knowledge and enable to creat, control and administer anything without any obligation of resources of means. This is my first ever test creating on this website but I just tweaked it up a bit since it was a little rusty. The First Latifah Point Is Called Qalb (Heart): The prophet (saws) said “O Allah, place light in my heart”, this spiritual faculty is located to left side of the chest, the bulk of the heart is in the centre of the chest and the remainder is towards the left side stretching towards the nipple where this point is located above. 1) The Life Of The Prophet Muhammad - Part 1 2) In The Midst Of The Dajjal 3) Poor Mans Book Of Assistance - Ep 01 4) Stations Of Gratitude 5) Purification Of The Heart - Part 01 6) Good Character - Part 1 7) Vision Of Islam CD5 - Part 1 Of 5 11) Anger - Part 1 Sufism is popular in such African countries as Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Senegal, where it is seen as a mystical expression of Islam. Read and share the greatest poems ever written by historically well-known poets; including poems about life, love, friendship, and many more topics. Tazkiah. Accreditation Humanity’s Ultimate Sacrifice: Parallelism between Christ’s Crucifixion and Islamic Hajj Abdulla Galadari, Higher Colleges of T echnology, United Arab Emirates MICHAEL H. My makeup is four shades darker and I had to spray my hair black every day. I hope that my use of the pen will at least get people to think about the Pakistan idea, and not to give up on it. And also need prays of my lovers islami brother and per bhai . This Spiritual Personality Test is a simplified tool based on the article Souls Assorted: An Islamic Theory of  10 Mar 2019 Reflecting on the tendencies of each spiritual personality type proposed can Take Yaqeen Institute's Spirituality Personality Quiz here. ” (Qur’an 65:2-3). pptx), PDF File (. Dawkins of Oxford) which bases its entire system on The spiritual journey of an ethical leader consists of inculcation of three habits: (i) reflection (tadabbur) and (ii) self-awareness (khudi/khud agahi) that liberates the leader from the confines of the mundane, and opens the door to the secrets of nature and leads him to discover the purpose of life. Thus he put his esoteric knowledge and spiritual wisdom and teachings in writing and in this way has forever made its benefit available for generations to come. Despite the seeming opposition between the Imam Ali (AS) said, "I will lend one of my camels to the total which makes it 18 (17+1=18), now lets divide as per his will. The highest level of Irshad for the scholars guiding the ummah is Murshid at-Tarbiyya, Salam , to my all brother and followers , i like too much this web site is so greatful in which a lot of information of our respectfully personality Ghous Pak Dastgheer , my prays ofor all those are working on this web site and providing the knowledge of ISLAM. It may seem to be too obvious to say, but what it less obvious is that spirituality dominates over other kinds of concerns more than other pursuits do. We both confirmed the number as dialed on my telephone. Spiritual Personality - Zohair Abdul The Four Orders of The Personality; Welcome to The Personality Type Self- analysis: This self-quiz is a means of discovering the behaviors of you and those you interact with daily. For instance, regarding acquiring knowledge they may utilize their experience more than relying on judgment. 002. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. ", followed by 1810 people on Pinterest. HART, when he ranked him 1st in the list of 100 great personality wrote : "My choice of Mohammad to lead the list of the world's most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular(‫ )مرة كل قرن Q) Both of my parents work, my mother's salary goes in paying for the loan they took to build our new house. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s Rasoolullaah (saws) said that, “The door to enter my city of knowledge is my Ali, and the door to get my favors is the love for Ali. Within each spiritual personality dimension, a person may preferentially utilize one over the other. Khomeini once made a statement which was published in the Tehran times (Kitaab be Noujawanaan - P8) that if he conquers Madina Munawwarah, he will remove the two idols (Hadhrat Abu Bakr and Hadhrat Umar (May Allah be pleased with them) besides Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). The man told me he – This happened once, not everyday. Zohair Abdul-Rahman introduces his upcoming publication, "Souls Assorted: An Islamic Theory of Spiritual Personality", co-written by Dr. Jinnah? HAZRAT SHEIKH SULTANUL ARIFIN SULTAN BAHU (RA) SULTAN BAHU AS AN AUTHOR AND A CELEBRATION OF HIS WORKS. Saroopji Maharaj, embraced Islam last year (1986) in the Indian city of Bhopal. Diet & nutrition Stress management Detoxification Neurolinguistic programming Exercise & physical therapy Lifestyle changes The power of prayer Like other guides to good health, Healing Body & Soul: Your Guide to Holistic Wellbeing Following Islamic Teachings advocates abandoning an unhealthy diet and altering a sedentary lifestyle, but this book goes beyond the mere Moreover, i believe FS' parents must have good grounds to make this decision for their daughter . NB: This is a non-perfect transcript of the lecture by Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad - covering about 95% verbatum - on the topic of the Crisis of Modern Consciousness. After a short treatment of one week the whole rashes disappeared from her limbs. the soul with wisdom and spiritual light, and it also purifies the gross personality traits. The following article surprised us by its clarity and 360 degrees vision. Religious Counseling - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (. 11 Dec 2018 Yaqeen Institute Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats Click here to discover your spiritual personality. He had tawakkal'alAllah. Appearances count. If you think your heart is already pure and doesn't need purification, then your heart is most likely ill and needs the purification from the inherent arrogance. In retrospect I became a part of what I believe now was a cult because I had a strong personality, leadership qualities and I wanted to make a difference. Atharv looked in her eyes , the look of pain in his eyes gave the answer "you think i can ? I wasnt able to avoid her , even before knowing that she is mine , how will i now , her scent called to me like nothing else . ” The best and true way to reach the magnanimous personality of Maulaana Ali (as) and then to Rasoolullaah (saws) is holding Bay’at of his son (aal) Imaam uz-Zamaan (as). (You can also say the shahadah here). What’s yours? Our recent publication “Souls Assorted: An Islamic Theory of Spiritual Personality” by Zohair Abdul-Rahman and Dr. BEYOND THIS WORLDImpressions of people who returned back from the brink of death and its analysis in the light of Qur‟an and Hadith Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani Translated By Yaqeen Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander Just as the physical heart supplies blood to the body, the spiritual heart nourishes the soul with wisdom and spiritual light, and it also purifies the gross personality traits. Having full trust in Allah that my adorning the correct hijab is not an hindrance to reach my worldly goals nor a source of problems with others; rather an addition to my rewards and hopefully blessings in my life. In my nearly thirty years in the ministry of Jesus Christ I have heard many individuals tell me of “spiritual experiences. "Religion and the five factors of personality: A meta-analytic review". jects both Hindu and Muslim than of genuine spiritual or . Apki film kay baray mai parh kar buhat shock laga mujhe yaqeen nai aaraha kai ap film likh rahi hain mai buhat excited hun or buhat dil say us film or jo baqi Your online resource for accurate and unbiased information about Islam religion and Muslims, providing true facts about Islam, Free e-books and Mosque Tours across North America! The five most recent Christian Science articles with a spiritual perspective. We have reached the morning and at this very time all sovereignty belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds. If you find it valuable, please consider subscribing through this website Aqeedah and Tawheed in Dawah Programme of Tablighi Jamaat NEGLECTED OR CENTRAL They say “We should have yaqeen (Faith) that unless Allah wills any human being Iqbal’s Concept of Khudi (Ego) The significance of the Self in an individual is that it is the source through which we can bring ourselves closest to the Ultimate. This is an abridged reprint. Let this study reveal the basics of who you are and how to improve on what you can become. Meaning: Bulleh Shah has no caste, I am the same as my spiritual guide Inayat is. Voice For Peace, based in Bajaur Agency, Pakistan, promotes peace and the rule of law while seeking to extinguish violence, corruption, and terrorism. "atharv said . So I get that some of you will react angrily to criticism of the man given how he is a scholar and has been teaching Islamic subjects for decades. My Nafs was quite strong on me all that time but I believe He wanted me to confront it this way. ” This question is a measure of the meaning one draws from their religion. 34. It is my hope that on the basis of this common ground, followers of each tradition may come to appreciate the spiritual truths their different paths entail, and from this develop a basis for respect for each others’ practice and beliefs. A. You might even label yourself an introvert or extrovert. We all should utilise our individual talents to the best of our ability. Lifting weights is an obvious kind of power. the mere second i basked in it was the best moments of my life . Others are supposed to listen, but do not anymore. Assalamu’alaikum wrh wbkt. What am I going to do with this body which is like a donkey? It became so clean but inside maybe it is not so clean. To protect themselves, more American Muslim women give up hijab that takes a toll on your personality, and This the English translation of the usuul'd-deen and its commentary. 33. So the quiz failed to know my spiritual personality lol. On your BEST days, do you find that truth, meaning and importance are more defined by: something higher than people, like God, the Universe, etc. Your Spiritual Personality takes the study of personality to its logical and important next step: helping you to make connections between the strengths and weaknesses of your personality and your pursuit of a relationship with God. Antiochus succeeded Heliodorus, who was a tax collector. Every page goes through several hundred of perfecting techniques; in live mode. Jahaan main ahl-e-iman soorat-e-khursheed jeetay hain seriously koi mre yaqeen k qabil hi nhi :' but ALLAH is the only one who will relieve My Pain. this is Karim Aslamzadeh from Afghanistan. The accent in this film too is different so there was a lot of practise. It has been narrated that Awzai (the Syrian jurist), who was a contemporary of Abu Hanifa, once asked Abdullah Ibn Mubarak, "Have you heard about the innovator from Kufa whose kunyah is Abu Hanifa". Personality quiz: discover your soul type. Every time we begin a suhbat, association, we have to ask support. Just better. the spiritual industry, we will also find beauty ^products _. He proved to me that my entire faith wasn’t what it is supposed to be. The person who receives payment for sexual services is called a prostitute and the person who receives such services is known by a multitude of terms, including "john". Our shadows offer us a significant piece of the truth of self that must be allowed and integrated into our out front personality--the part of us that we prefer to present to others most of the time. I felt the coolness in my breast. In compiling this revised and enlarged edition, materials from the following have been added: An Article from Ghandni-e-lslam of November 1944 under the title ‘Islam and Jadoo’, an article on Hamzaad from daily Millat dated 17-3-75, an article ‘Jinn and Jadoo But there must be a reality, that yaa Rabbi I am washing this body no doubt, but I have to wash my heart, and I have to wash my soul. But most importantly, I lacked a strong relationship with my parents. Now I think I have a reasonably good handle on this whole “Who am I?” thing, based on a mixture of my scientific knowledge, a huge library, direct personal experience and access to spiritual wisdom. See more ideas about Urdu quotes, Hindi quotes and Heartbroken quotes. it is good but still needs to be completed. Hi. ” A number have told me they actually heard and saw angelic-like beings. 1 17 One glance at the universe will make any human realise that the formation of things, whether they be of the type that occupy space or of the energy type, can only result from sensorially After reading below extract, one thing becomes evident that Ghazi Munajim is an expert astrologer as well as a spiritual personality and his predictions were published in many Pakistani Newspapers in 1980s or 1990s (from 1968 according to Ghazi Munajim). O Allah, I ask You for the good of this day, its triumphs and its victories, its light and its blessings and its guidance, and I take refuge in You from the evil of this day and the evil that follows it. From his mother, he inherited his devout, religious bent, and from his father, his instinctive adherence to nonviolence. You also require an intelligent partner. I like to consider myself a spiritual person. mqm is cheater and 15 Feb 2018- Explore sksofiyasadaf's board "heart touching", followed by 179 people on Pinterest. Since my childhood, I have been somehow involved with book and pen, Madrisah and maktab, religious and spiritual discussion and observation. Malik wrote back to him, “Allah Almighty has distributed good deeds just as he has distributed provision Have Yaqeen, Over it are Nineteen. We expected this dimension of personal spirituality to closely track with the importance of religion reported by groups overall, and it does. while you are talking about a very important Islamic subject, you should address the reference such as verses of holy Qur’an and Hadith. As late as 2016, even. Prostitution is the act or practice of providing sexual services to another person in return for payment. One day, he went for a trip to some distant areas of his country. Leaving corporate life behind without… Whoever performs devout actions during the 27th night and keeps fast during the 27th day of Rajab, he/she will be favoured with great spiritual reward. With Your Spiritual Personality, you have a complete toolkit to help guide you in the direction that’s right for you—today and for every step of your adventure. More. Quotes. He is known to be the author of over 140 books in Persian and Arabic dealing with a variety of religious and mystic subjects. 0 replies 0 . This article lists popular and modern Muslim baby boy names for families who have had a new-born and are seeking interesting names with good meaning. i read your topic based on concept of education in Islam. (2013) Supervisory Support as a Moderator of Work-Family Demands and Life Satisfaction among Malaysian Female Academicians. MURSHID AT-TARBIYYA . What Allama Iqbal was for Quaid-e-Azam (Jinnah) The verse of Iqbal on the banner where Quaid-e-Azam is sitting on stage, shows co-relation of Iqbal’s vision & Quaid’s leadership. Learn what the Bible says about health, beauty and Biblical womanhood! Here’s how Islam teaches us to deal with negative thoughts. With this in mind, we propose an initial spiritual personality typology of 4 archetypal patterns. There will be comeuppance, nothing exists without the color of karma. He grew up in and around the area but later, after the Battle of Siffin, decided to move Saedah Siraj is Professor of Curriculum Development at Faculty of Education, University of Malaya. 32-37. , meaning that if doing these things were permissible, I still probably wouldn’t do them. How to break Black Magic. ) is acknowledged as one of the most prominent Sufi poets of the Indo Pak subcontinent. O Saadi, do not think that one can treat that way of purity except in the wake of the chosen one [Muhammad]. Mindfulness of the shadow is an important part of Marriage in Islam is a strong binding contract based on the intention of both partners to live together permanently in order to attain, as individuals, the benefit of repose, affection, and mercy mentioned in the Quran, as well as to attain the social goal of the reproduction and perpetuation of the human species. Muhammad’s main role was that of a prophet. jesa k Qudrat ullah Shahab ny akhir main a kr darhi rakhi thi. people, groups, organizations, culture, society or the Earth 2. Well, fast forward to today, Wednesday, Dec 13, 2017, exactly one week after President Trump created the new reality vis a vis Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the Jewish state in occupied Palestine, the New York Times reported that the Muslim Leaders Declare East Jerusalem the Palestinian Capital, rightly refusing to accept the new reality created by the history's actors, but regurgitating It is clear that the very meaning of Faith makes Islam penetrate deeply and constructively into every aspect of life. I used to defend Sh Hamza Yusuf for certain things as well. I have come across systems of understanding that have revolutioned my thinking. ) A prominent Hindu personality of India, Achariya Mahant Dr. Stress Management from an Islamic Perspective / 10 Nov 2015 All stress because of less yaqeen on Allah because all time we speak and think about material things If I don’t then I would have denied and disrespected all the gifts of Allah that He has bestowed upon me. Read Why "That's Just My Personality" is No Excuse for a Christian by Abby Perry. Since the names of Allah must be based on revelation from Allah (the Quran and Sunnah), if there is no authentic proof for specific names, they cannot be called one of the names of Allah. He was later brought to Medina, where he met Khayra, who was to be Hasan's mother. Maulana said that the honour bestowed by Allah upon Angels is completely different from that bestowed upon Man. It was practiced extensively throughout the time of Prophet Sulaiman, Prophet Musa and Prophet Muhammad sallal laahu alaihi wasallam it's mentioned within the Holy al-Qur'an in varied places. 32. ^ Saroglou, V (2002). An Islamic theory of spiritual personality [Long Read] Yaqeen Institute. I didnt regret my being in that moments . That’s just my personality. Ibn Abdul Barr reported: Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz wrote to Malik, may Allah have mercy on him, encouraging him to isolate himself for worship and discouraging him from gatherings of knowledge. According to Islam, true Faith has decisive effect on the spiritual and material lot of man, and also on his personal and social behavior as well as his political conduct and financial life. Welcome to Yaqeen's Spiritual Personality Quiz. A’uzubillah himinsh shaitan nirrajeem. But it is not transmigration in which the soul of man enters the body of another man or animal. This Spiritual Personality Test is a simplified tool based on the article Souls Assorted: An Islamic Theory of Spiritual Personality by Zohair Abdul-Rahman and Nazir Khan. Yahya Snow In the name of Allah (God), I have decided to dedicate sincere and honest endeavour in helping to establish the Truth by helping to defend the good name of the last Prophet (pbuh) of Allah as well as refuting many other lies and misconceptions that are being disseminated by the insincere, wicked, deceptive, intellectually and morally bankrupted individuals as well as the ignorant Iqbal’s philosophy essentially revolves around the issue of the progression of human being, or the rise of the "self" or "ego" — the Iqbalian khudi — in the direction of attaining exalted heights — the heights at which Almighty Allah (SWT) Himself begins to take the wishes, hopes, and aspirations of the human being into account before formulating His decree. 1st Hazrat ibrahim as was on level of imam as per Quran. Strong Wazifa to Get Love Back in Just 3 Days! If you are one of those victims who say ‘I love him I want a dua to get him back’ Strong Wazifa to Get Love Back in 3 Days is right here for you. Beyond The World 1. I think it is my duty, at the end of this introduction, to offer my appreciation, gratitude and loyalty to the great scholar Sheikh Hadi al-Qurashi for his efforts in reviewing many encyclopedias such as Wassa'il ash-Shia and other sources which provided us with a lot of information about the life of Imam Abu Ja'far al-Jawad (a. Respectfully to a seeker who stumbled upon my blog through the search string: "Is Javed Ahmed Ghamdi a true Islamic scholar". Today 8th Jumadil Akhar 1432 H Sunday 29th April 2012 a radiant personality of the Burhani Daur passed away at Mumbai. The meaning of spirituality has developed and expanded over time, and various connotations PMID 20023209. If i was a parent, i would know everything about my daughter, her personality, her weaknesses, her strenghts, the amount of effort i put in , i her upbringing, the amount of money i spent on her education , what makes her happy. When Ibrahim(AS) was thrown into the fire, he did not cover himself in fire retardants to protect himself from being burned. It is in his teachings that one can find solution to the ongoing spiritual turmoil and find an innovative solution to the problems challenging the mankind. What is ‘disease of the heart’? Harmful effects of the diseases of the Heart Famous Urdu Novels Collection, Best Seller Popular Urdu Novels, Urdu Drama Scripts by Famous Urdu Writer & Novelist like Umaira Ahmed, Iqra Sagheer Ahmed, Mazhar Kaleem MA, Hashim Nadeem, Saima Akram, Nabila Abar Raja, Aleem ul Haq Haqqi, Fayyaz Mahi, Aneeza Syed, Tahir Javed Mughal, Qaisra Hayat, Amjad Javed. The world of Barzakh is between the perceptive world of this life and the world of the hereafter and complete gathering. their personality traits and their lack of understanding of Anglo-French diplomatic Introduction to The Noorbakhshi Sufi/Irfani Path Posted on April 12, 2015 April 17, 2015 by yabgodaniyal When we see the history of religions, the spiritual element has always been there and has been the dominant aspect in many of the cases. Either you are doing well and wish to safeguard your pure heart, or your heart is ill and requires purification. So what does ‘a star setting’ could mean? From my logic, it means it’s either loosing it’s light or being pulled into a ‘dark’ matter (“in a spring of dark The third question the young man asked, was (3) I have been approached for my hand in marriage, by girls that are lot more prettier than you, why should I marry you? Hearing this, the young girl was outraged, she stormed off to her parents with fury and said I do not want to marry this man he is insulting my beauty and intelligence. So, Inshallah (god willing), all of us should come to the mosque more often and perfect our salaat, and strengthen our yaqeen (belief), in the kalima, La-Illah-Ha-Illah-Allah-Muhammad-Ur-Rasullullah Are all muslims ready for this my brothers? My theory and a big part of my spiritual practice is to bring my shadow self into the light. I am a Muslim. The following conventions for the text have been used: - EOW [4] explanation of word, here at footnote 4, all from the Apple Dictionary - Subtitles are our’s, also the footnotes. Yayasan Nurul Yaqeen 2014) 2014 12 Assalamu Alaikum oh my God Umera Ahmed ap say mujhay milnay ka itna shoq hai kai bus mai explain nai kar sakti & Peere Kamil apka novel to mujhay itna pasand hai kai bus koi bhi apka drama mai dekhna nai chorti I am a big fan of you. The word Magic is mentioned sixty times in the Holy Quran. being or becoming a Sufi), generally translated as Sufism, is commonly defined by Western authors as Islamic mysticism. Therefore, you require a good-looking partner. in Previous Times After one has acquired the right beliefs and subjected oneself to the rules of Shari'ah, one should, if Allah… my dear freinds, assalamu alaikum, i know one thing that allah has told that mere mehboob ke baad is duniya me koi aur nabi nahi aane wala, iska matlab allah ta-ala ne hamare huzoor saw par iman ko mukammal kar diya, ab koi bhi bhalai ki dawat dene ke liye nabi muntakhib nahi kiya jayega yeh kaam hum ummatiyon ke zimme hai ki ham jitna ho sake islam ko phaylaye, dr. The goal is to attain Taqwa and yaqeen. I get it. It implies that with meditation, a person watches over or takes care of his spiritual heart (or soul), and acquires knowledge about it, its surroundings, and its creator. World Applied Sciences Journal, 28. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. One of the ways you might consider in order to choose which spiritual practices are best for you is to examine your Personality Type. She has served as a lecturer for 37 years and the Dean of the Faculty of Education since 2009-2014, Al-Ghazali has been referred to by some historians as the single most influential Muslim after the Islamic prophet Muhammad. They didn’t have to tell me to do this and that, I saw them doing it, I have the love of the Quran in my heart because I saw my parents with the Quran. txt) or view presentation slides online. pp. About 570 of these books have been printed and published. and you know Imam is superior then Nubowat thats why he was on level of yaqeen As i read "Yaqeen" is very vast topic it is divided to many types but last one is Ain-ul-Yaqeen mean believing after watching. About Islam helps Muslims grow in faith and spirituality, supports new Muslims in learning their religion and builds bridges with fellow human beings. The Making Sense podcast is ad-free and relies entirely on listener support. Khuda taala Huzurala Tus ne aap na Mansoos Tus, Sadaat Kiram, Qasre ali Sahebo ane tamam dawat na logo ne, mumineen ne Sabre jamile ataa karjo. They try to attain certainty (yaqeen) in faith and strive to achieve certitude (iqaan) in this matter! In Sayyid Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini - Founder of Deviant Islamic Revolution of Iran. And always, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, may Allah bless him, as we are followers of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, Naqshbandi murids, we have to follow the same discipli I have been through this and I know, through withholding my prayer, He unveiled to me my materialistic side. My father has a "compte courant", i dnt knw how it is called but, at the end of the month, his company puts his salary in that account. Personality and Individual Differences  There are three central ideas in Sufi Islamic psychology, which are the Nafs (self, ego or Sufi philosophy · Sufi poetry; Sufi psychology; Salik · Tazkiah · Wali · Yaqeen Higher than the nafs is the Qalb (heart), and the Ruh (spirit). A Robust Stalwart Syedi Ameerul Jamea (QR) Posted on June 20, 2014 by arwa Sh khuzaima After a long drive from Cairo amidst the chatter of my two little ones, alas we arrived at Marj. Raising the Future Deputy (Part II) by and that evil is weak if he is armed with beneficial knowledge and yaqeen “By the One in Whose hand is my soul, if From The Teaching of Mawlana Shaykh Hisham al Qabbani art from Doy Art. [These are the rough notes from the second session of the workshop conducted by Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed (db) in UK, in 2011] [Notes of Session 1] [Audio is available here] Purpose of Tasawwuf in this Day & Age vs. उम्मीद शायरी - Ek Umeed Shayari in Hindi 2 Lines With Image Hope Shayari एक उम्मीद हीं थी जो मुझे इस मुकाम तक ले आई वरना इस कदर टूटने के बाद कौन सम्भल पाता This Christian News Blog maintains a one stop resource of current news and reports of its own related to church, moral, spiritual, and related political issues, plus articles, and postings from other online discernment ministries, and media which share the aims to obey the biblical commands to shed light on and refute error, heresy, apostasy They also continue to monitor the detainee and evaluate his progress during his interview with the Religious Subcommittee members, and help him understand himself and the restiveness in his personality in order to facilitate his return to appropriate thinking and behavior. Modern Psychology 1. but this is another topic let come to point it is autentic hadees from shia source that only Allah knows Ahl-e-bait asws Tuition Centre – Love Stories urdu (Tragic romantic story) by Sarfaraz Jaliawala · December 16, 2016 So here is another addition of an amazing Urdu Love Story in our collection of Love Stories Urdu . My Brother, these words speak to my heart more than any commentary I can recall regarding the state of affairs of Islam and the fact that while it is growing all around the worlds at an alarming rate there is a dearth of scholarly leadership to help define and explore the outer reaches of this dynamic religion that can not be relagated merely Kuch Walli Malamti firqay ka rung bhi show krtay hein. The qalb mediates between the Nafs and soul. Yes – the truth is that The Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, The Saudi Monarchy and the Wahhabi leaders are one – sort of the snake that bites its tail with Anglo-Saxon spectators enjoying the show. 11 Dec 2018 Yaqeen Institute @yaqeeninstitute 11 Dec 2018. Sufism is traditional in Morocco but has seen a growing revival with the renewal of Sufism under contemporary spiritual teachers such as Hamza al Qadiri al Boutchichi. The defernment of such punishment is out of deference to a spiritual personality living in its midst. Recitation of the Noble Quran (Arabic-English) Translated by: Dr. 74-30 Over it is 19. Within Islamic civilization he is considered to be a Mujaddid or renewer of the faith, who, according to tradition, appears once every century to restore the faith of the community. ta-k log ziada un ki taraf attract na hn. I subconsciously grew up with this and took it in with me. For decades the royal family of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been the main financial supporter of Palestinian groups fighting Israel, through the creation of two major committees. *12 raka’at Nafl (2 at a time) In every raka’at after surah fateha read Sura Ikhlas’ 5 times. We report on global anti-semitism, Sharia creep and the growth of Salafism. Everyone has a role to play based on their spiritual personality. By becoming self-aware and embracing your God-given talents, you can confidently fill the role you were created to play. They believe in the divine qualities, which are explained in the Quran, pertaining to whom the most eminent Rasul (saw) referred to as “ALLAH”. After taking this fun little spiritual personality test I realized my spiritual gift is pretty spot on. Discuss On the surface Muhammad is usually considered to be a prophet and messenger of God, but when looking closer we can see that He played many more roles in His life time including one of a Statesman. The war Islam is waging against Israel and the West is top priority. Quite the same Wikipedia. The Upper Room has grown to include publications, programs, prayer support, and other resources to help believers of all ages and denominations move to a deeper level of faith and service. com, Amina Taha, is a New York based wellness guru, who refused to settle for less when it came to leading a spiritual lifestyle. Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has authored one thousand books in Urdu, English and Arabic languages. your proves are little inside the topic. Translator’s notes to the translation This work is a commentary of the Hikam of Ibn Ataullah 1 . Muslim Girl Names With P NAMES STARTING WITH ALPHABET P YOUR PERSONALITY — You are very conscious of social proprieties. Mine is writing. Bismillahir Rahman-nir Raheem. And whoever relies upon Allah- then He is sufficient for him. Another major shift in the form of modern missionary work takes shape in the conflation of spiritualism with contemporary military metaphors and practices. " 54 . Q) How would you describe Jinnah? A) How does anyone describe an awesome personality such as Mr. D in Children Cognitive Psychology from Bristol University, Bristol, United Kingdom in 1998. “ Because of my religious faith, I have meaning and purpose in my life. Deriving from Neo-Platonism and Henosis, mysticism is popularly known as union with God or the Absolute. Wealth, fame and political clout are also types of power that a person can have in life. The second begins from my invisible self, my personality. Surah Hud: Verse 49 . Sufis have historically revered Muhammad as the prime personality of spiritual greatness. According to tradition, Hasan was born in Medina in 642 C. Every Muslim has a role to play. today press conference from mqm saying press and media change the statement of altaf shame on you. Muhammad (pbuh) was not just a leader or statesman, but he was and he still is, the best role model for the one who seeks guidance on the path of the Lord. Bismillaah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem Salaam Allaah alayka, dear brothers and sisters, A few weeks ago, I encountered an atheist, who is a University student firmly grounded in his belief and very proud of that such that he looks down upon people like us, and who claims to follow the Darwinian school of thought (at least the one promoted by R. Sin of the Heart or inner disease. The world of Barzakh begins from the grave and it continues till the complete gathering and the establishment of Judgment Day. One tried to tell me he had seen Jesus Christ! When I carefully questioned him, the traditional picture of “Jesus” emerged. Qalbe Saleem (Immaculate Conscience) and Gunahane Kabira (Greater Sins) Responsibility of the Respected Readers. Healing Body & Soul. Signification Noms de Bebes Musulmans Biography. Saudi Government Committees to Support Palestinians . I'm here to not only entertain people with this quiz, but just to see how they would reflect about it. And We have set none but angels as Guardians of the Fire; and We have fixed their number only as a trial for Unbelievers,- in order that the People of the Book may arrive at certainty { Yaqeen}, and the Believers may increase in Faith,- Recently updated on February 7th, 2019. A’udhu billahi min ash-Shaytani ’r-Rajim Bismillahi ’r-Rahmani ’r-Rahim Dastur Ya Sayyidi Madad. Paradise is the abode of only those who possess a perfect heart. (2013) Big Five Personality Traits correlate with Social Support Network and Performance among Sportsperson. I am a believer in Allah (a mu'min). Quran and the sins of the heart. Definitions []. The punishment of Quraish was deferred till the migration of the Holy prophet from Mecca. The non-spiritual Muslims are the very worst people here. The body and mouth of the Ulema is wet and watered with the drizzle of the cloud of the Ilm-ul-Yaqeen of the Shariyat of his highness. Things are not how we think they A) That’s an interesting question. A name is a legacy and is used by a person throughout their life. My honour and status is only because of my relation to him. Reflecting on the tendencies of each spiritual personality type proposed can provide a Muslim with greater self-knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses. Briefly, … Read More » P reface. Exotic India provides the most exhaustive collection of Indian Art such as folk art paintings, Hindu statues, Indian Jewelry, Indian Saris as well as Salwar Kameez. That is, ignoring this weak hadith, there is no authentic hadith or Quranic verse that offers evidence that those names are from the names of Allah. I was raised through typical “immigrant-parenting” where communication “ Because of my religious faith, I have meaning and purpose in my life. Sultan Bahu (R. Hazrat Sultan Bahoo (RA) two Hadith in their literature by reading them a person’s mind can get confused but if those Hadith are viewed in light of above given examples the confusions will be cleared those Hadith are as follows, “(spiritual) scholars from my umma are like prophets from Bani Israel” (2) hence “(spiritual) scholars from The Islamic Personality Vol. I conveyed it to the staff at SFL who have been at the helm of assistance. Al-Quran lay? down this principle in so many words "Nor is Allah going to chastise them while you are among them" (8:33). Jinnah said, was not only a great poet who had a permanent place in the history of the world's best literature, he was a dynamic personality who, during his life time, made the greatest contribution towards rousing and developing of Muslim national consciousness. The former begins from the place I occupy in the outer world; it enlarges the connections in which I stand in that world to an unbounded range with worlds upon worlds and systems upon systems, with limitless time of their periodic motion, its beginning and continuance. Mujhay yaqeen hy k Wasif Ali Wasif sahab ny b akhri age main darhi rkh li ho gi. It is not very often that the word Muslim is juxtaposed to something positive in global news. Lyric Quotes Quotations Me Quotes 1 Line Quotes Personality Explanation: My spiritual relation to you is not new or related to the worldly life only, rather I have put the circle of your slavery around my neck since eternity and I am proud of this eternal Muhammad: A Prophet and Statesman Essay 1910 Words | 8 Pages. Hasan's father, Peroz, was made a prisoner at the town of Maysan in Iraq. In Junga on the other hand, it is a very modernised, glamorous character. The Arabic word tasawwuf (lit. Think-Israel is a magazine-blog that features essays and commentaries. Personality is defined as the type of person you are, shown by the way you behave, feel, and think. “Come, come to the door of our yaqeen, ilm ul-yaqeen, ‘ayn al-yaqeen, haqq yaqeen,” that, “we are the people of certainty to teach you from ilm ul-yaqeen, from Allah’s ancient Knowledges; ‘ayn al-yaqeen, that we teach you how to negate yourself and bring the vision of your soul,” because they are the ones who hold the sword for Al-Ghazali (1058 — 19 December 1111), full name Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad Ghazālī (Persian & Arabic: ابو حامد محمد ابن محمد غزالی), sometimes Algazel in English, was an Islamic theologian, jurist, philosopher, cosmologist, psychologist and Sufi mystic of Persian origin, and remains one of the most celebrated scholars in the history of Sunni Islamic thought. The last book listed offers a general explanation of what Guénon saw as the fundamental differences between "sacerdotal" (priestly or sacred) and "royal" (governmental) powers O الله I beg of Thee Thy special Mercy by which Thou would guide my heart aright, consolidate my affairs, remove my suffering, improve my religious life, liquidate my debts, protect my interests (in a particular place) in my absence, promote my matters in hand, beautify me with a shining face, purify my actions, inspire my heart with love Muslims do not believe in a god out there, far and beyond them or somewhere up in space. The building has been carefully designed to take into account the history, climate, environment, symbolism and the spiritual values of the Muslim culture. Sin of the Heart. Achour, M. Be Yourself! This is my personal motto: Be Yourself as long as being yourself is halal! I spent my teenage years in a Darul Uloom whose culture was such that everybody was bullied into dressing alike, speaking alike and pretending that we are all the same, stripped of any individuality. " 3- Ash-shukr-alal-beelah: to have ridhaa (satisfaction) and to be grateful to Allah for the hardship because that person has yaqeen that this is to elevate his spiritual status- looks at the consequence, not the immediate event we are taught sabr un jameel in the story of yaqub and yusuf (as) When Musa(AS) defeated the massive army of Firaun, he did not acquire sophisticated weaponry to accomplish his mission. But beyond the fiqh and usul, over the years, I have come to realize that for me, personally, I never felt the urge to go to Halloween parties or go trick or treating with friends as a youngster, or dress up in costumes, etc. In the Gospel of Mark, chapter 3, verse 21: 'When his family heard about this, they went to take charge of him, for they said, "He is out of his mind"' Some Muslims apologists have mistakenly been swayed toward the opinion, that Mark depicts Jesus as a mad personality Iqbal, Mr. By being aware of your individual style of approaching prayer, the Bible, devotions, and worship, you can Guidance for Your Ever-Evolving Spiritual Journey “Spirituality is a lived experience—something deeply personal and uniquely different for everyone,” teaches Ellerby. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali. The Upper Room is a global ministry dedicated to supporting the spiritual formation of Christians seeking to know and experience God more fully. The questions had me thinking a wee bit and one I couldn’t answer at all and had to pick “none”. See more ideas about Urdu quotes, Urdu poetry and Quotes. Missionary work as spiritual warfare is the latest iteration in a long-standing relationship between Christian missions and militarization. The Sufi poet Saadi Shirazi stated, "He who chooses a path contrary to that of the prophet [Muhammad], shall never reach the destination. Project Leader. Tag: Success Quality. You wouldn't think of doing anything that might harm your image or reputation. I have already lived three decades of my life, and I am conscious that I have yet to cross deep oceans while life is very ephemeral, very undependable. 2. He possesses 'ilm al-yaqeen, 'ayn al-yaqeen, Haqq al-yaqeen, and la rayba feeh. " The eldest son gets 1/2 of 18 = 9 The second one gets 1/3 of 18 = 6 The youngest gets 1/9 of 18 = 2 Now the total number of camels = 17 (9+6+2=17) Then Imam Ali (AS) said, "Now I will take my Camel back. The prestige of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman is “Faqr” which is the unique legacy of the Holy Prophet. I informed the members of the Majlis at the admin office of the masjid and went to perform my salah. For the rest of my drive to the masjid, about 25-minutes, I did not get any call. at least I know my big personality is art. I know that we are all connected to each other somehow through an invisible force and we can tap into the spiritual consciousness of the world should we wish to do so. Both of them were unlettered and both lived more in the world of the spirit than of the flesh. After reading below extract, one thing becomes evident that Ghazi Munajim is an expert astrologer as well as a spiritual personality and his predictions were published in many Pakistani Newspapers in 1980s or 1990s (from 1968 according to Ghazi Munajim). This research obtains sample data through a demographic questionnaire, a measure of humanistic spirituality, and an inventory of normal personality. Upon returning from Salah, I was urged by one of the brothers to make sure I had called the right numbers. DON'T CHANGE THE WORLD: Once upon a time, there was a king who ruled a prosperous country. Ilm-e-qalum: (Knowledge of the pen) The knowledge concerning the realities of a science. Definitions. s), besides his Browse the best famous poems by the most popular famous poets. Their purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. Nazir Khan. When I say ‘higher matter’, I don’t mean another form of matter that is somehow higher than our current one. Omar Suleiman on Saturday, January 26th at 1:30 pm for a guided soul-searching experience, as he explores the different spiritual personality types outlined in Yaqeen's recent publication. Purification of the heart is a responsibility of every Muslim. The spiritual interventions range from seeking refuge in Allah, supplications, Dhikr and Ruqyah. You can search my Facebook posts. Magnificent gifts that He SWT has mentioned in Surah Ar-Rahman like Qur’an as a source of guidance for me, my creation as a human instead of a worthless animal or object, and my ability to communicate, to name a few. All that we have just described of the Murshid at-Tasfiyya is a mere glimpse of his station and powers. Despite being the underdog in the race, Khan’s commanding victory represents a Hazrat Maulana Allah Yar Khan (R. Aabdeen Aabid Worshipper Aadam Aadil Just, Upright Aafiya Good Health Aahil Aaish Aakif Aalam World Aalee Sublime, high Aalim Malik Riaz & Prostitution in Pakistani Media. The founder and sole teacher of livingroomyogasessions. My every word was listened to with sober attention and cordial appreciation. Most of you have probably heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI). The spiritual interventions with Waswâs al-Qahri are based on the teaching of the Qur’an and Sunnah in the form of self-treatment or treatment by a therapist or an Imam. What type of spirit do you have? I consider myself a very spiritual person, not in the religious way, but in a human way. According to Khan: My mother would often sit down after her namaz (Muslim prayer) to In 1927 was published the second major doctrinal book of his works: Man and His Becoming according to the Vedânta, and in 1929, Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power. It is my heart’s desire to share all this. Below is an admittedly brief reflection and review of Jonathan Brown’s recent Yaqeen Institute piece on Salvation and Non-Muslims. Free Essays on Ishwar Ki Maya Kahin Dhoop Kahin Chhaya. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has an active missionary program. Genie and Sorcery is the revised and enlarged edition of Wonder Acts, Magic, and Sorcery published by our Trust in 1973. Read the Spirituality for Your Personality Type. roles but their definition of “spiritual” can vary greatly from one perspective. Datin Dr Mariani Bt Md Nor received her Bachelor Degree In Science Education from University of Malaya and obtained her Ph. This website is based on twenty years of work on spiritual development by a board-certified psychiatrist. Get help with your writing. The book's practical advice, suggestions for each personality type, and inspiring real-life stories will enrich your spiritual life by helping you develop a stronger walk with God. Almost all the money is spent on necessities and a few remains in that account. The Arabic term sufi has been used in Islamic literature with a wide range of meanings, by both proponents and opponents of Sufism. The whole spiritual journey towards Allah is known as siyar-o-suluk ?The wayfarer of this journey is known as salik . Treat your fellow people right, because being rich automatically makes you insensitive. What we do. Within an instance everything became visible clear before me and I recognised everyone. ” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh. (At this point you can praise Allah further and ask Him for strength and guidance). On this website, you can find out what personality type you are, not based on your habits or behavior as much on your potential and purpose. I was really delighted to receive the mail inviting me for the Top Global Leadership Retreat as well as LibertyCon 2019. Nawafil Namaz (To pray on the night of 27th Rajab) after Isha. zakir naik wahi sunnat ki Islamic Baby Names Meanings. Although, my biggest fear was a Visa refusal, given my past experience, and that cast shadows of skepticism about my attendance in the event. 16 Taubah : pledging not to return to sins in future About Spiritual Pakistan; Future of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto was the most important personality and her life was in danger which turned out to be curtains for her If you would like to know more information on how you too can experience the spiritual world: paradise, barzakh meeting of the greatest being (peace and blessing be on him) see the unseen and like Syyiduna Ibrahim (peace be on him) have a conviction of faith (Eye’nul Yaquin) to your level, (obviously the prophetic level of Iman is (Completed) ii) “Profile of Psycho-Spiritual Personality Characteristics Among the Muslim Teenagers”. Prior to proceeding, it should be noted that I think very highly of Dr. Counseling that focus on intention or matters that needs religious in guidance to morality My question from MQM baby who born today also say i am muhajir and who born here after partition still say i am muhajir shame on you mqm say first i am Pakistani then in whist state you live be loyal to that state and Pakistan. Hello. And I am the pirate, my heart not yet capable of seeing and loving… Please call me by my true names, so I can hear all my cries and laughter at once, so I can see that my joy and pain are one. The first relates to the personality of Jesus Christ. Part I: Introduction . is an American spiritual Sep 2, 2019- Explore goldenq40's board "waqt-Waqt ki baat hai. We now have 2 easy options: Try our new Name Fuser which constructs baby's name from letters of the parents' names! Just keep clicking one of the three white, round buttons (upper-left) to get random boy and girl names until finding some with meanings you like. Allah is my guide and the One in whom I trust. Your Spiritual Personality: Using the Strengths of Your Personality to Deepen Your Relationship with God (9780787973087) by Marita Littauer Just How Powerful Are You, Spiritually? 4 Comments. Muraqaba (Arabic: مراقبة) is the Sufi word for meditation. He placed His Hand on my back. Discover yourself. " Allah found only this Complete, Vast and Spacious personality for keeping the two opposite things of 'necessity and possibility'. It was pretty ugly. Please call me by my true names, so I can wake up and the door of my heart could be left open, the door of compassion. The purpose of this dissertation is to examine the relationship between spirituality and personality within a population of undergraduate and graduate students. Surah Yusuf: Verse 102 . The Easy Way. Just as many use detoxifying washes and scrubs to clean the skin, so should we be giving our spiritual hearts an invigorating detoxifying wash and scrub, with sincere Taubah16 and Istighfaar17. This morning I was sipping my coffee and getting ready to head to work when I happened to stumble upon a “mathhab” discussion on a friend’s status update. I am a good and worthwhile It consists of a 721-bed hospital, a medical school for 500 students, a school of nursing, housing for staff and students, and a mosque. … Tipu Sultan in History Revisionism Revised. E. All of the other books touched on this subject briefly, so it was nice to read a whole book devoted entirely to using my knowledge of the personalities to have a better and The Upper Room is a global ministry dedicated to supporting the spiritual formation of Christians seeking to know and experience God more fully. Sadiq Khan’s election as the first Muslim mayor of London was one of those refreshingly rare occasions earlier last month. For the first time the Noble Qur'an, and the translation of its meaning in the English language by Dr Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali and Dr Muhammad Muhsin Khan, are being presented on audio CDs. Tel: 4 Acknowledgements I thank Shaikh Mansoor of the Shadhaliyya Zawiyyah in Morocco for having granted me Ibn c AjIbah’s commentary to the Hikam as my spiritual guide in my travel to Allah. Parson warns that "what might at times seem to be a straightforward phenomenon exhibiting an unambiguous commonality has become, at least within the academic study of religion, opaque and controversial on multiple levels". Nazir Khan explores this concept, illustrating the theory that each Muslim has a natural disposition that influences what aspects of Islamic practice, belief, and virtues naturally appeal to them. ) (Known as Hazrat Gee RA) was famous spiritual personality of 20th century and he was Grand Sheikh of Silsilah Naqshbandia Owaisiah. To be Your Spiritual Personality, by Marita Littauer, was the final book I read for my Certified Personality Trainer certificate examination, and I'm glad I saved it for last. Brown as a scholar and person. Secondly it becomes polluted with worldly impurities, and hence one has to purify it in order to attain the real goals of human soul. According to Sufic psychology emotions are from the self or nafs, not from the heart. In the 13th century the term unio mystica came to be used to refer to the "spiritual marriage," the ecstasy, or rapture, that was experienced when prayer was used "to contemplate both God’s omnipresence in the world and God in his essence. The messages, even though horribly dogmatic at times, speak of a certain spiritual journey and the crucial social issues prevalent in our helped to shape his personality and outlook. Initially many did not think I could pull it off. It can also build tolerance and acceptance of different approaches to Islamic practice. I choose Islam because it is beautiful and true. I’m a sucker for a good quiz and this one was interesting. Muhammad Muhsin Khan & Dr. From my understand, this verse refers to a black whole. Literally it is an Arabic term which means "to watch over", "to take care of", or "to keep an eye". A Prominent Hindu Personality of India Embraces Islam (This section was originally translated and adapted by Iqbal Husain Ansari from Yaqeen International, dated December 7, 1987. The prior typical fulfillment of these verses did not take place “at the time of the end”! That is our time, now! From the time Daniel’s eleventh chapter introduces Antiochus Epiphanes, the personality of the “vile person” who is the “king of the north” never changes. bar khur dar noor a chasm, aziz prem singh, tool umer ho----tumhara chidhi mili, halat se aga hua, degar halat ye hai—mujhe kamil yaqeen hai ke tum mahant or immandari se kam karo ge or khandan ka nam roshan aro ge ”Dear Prem, light of my eyes, received your letter. and arrogance. My dad always in the community, he built the first mosque in Houston in the 60s. 1 through 30 The master himself says in `Nurul Huda’ that `for many years a true seeker has not passed my path to whom I could impart my spiritual wealth which is given to me as a trust. [5] This is the duty of all muslims. The spiritual Muslims are far more tractable than the Rabbis. Be careful what you wish for, God is watching. This may not have occurred very often before, because there has been so little opportunity for real Bismillah As often happens, my Facebook life overlaps my Patheos life. " Join Sam Harris as he explores some of the most important questions about the human mind, society, and current events. Best Episodes of Hamza Yusuf. He has an endearing personality (and odd interest in movies!), and his erudition puts him in rare company. Tuition Centre – Love Stories urdu (Tragic romantic story) by Sarfaraz Jaliawala · December 16, 2016 So here is another addition of an amazing Urdu Love Story in our collection of Love Stories Urdu . Of course one hears lots of talks, often very long talks, about universal peace and love. Etymology "Mysticism" is derived from the Greek μυω, meaning "I conceal", [web 1] and its derivative μυστικός, mystikos, meaning 'an initiate'. The Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) said, "I saw Allah the Almighty. What is a mathhab? It is a school of thought. When he was back to his palace, he complained that his feet were very painful, because it was the first time that he went for such a long trip, and the road that he went through was very rough and stony. Why? Because as we know it, the sun does not set but the Earth spinning around it. Almost all my scenes were shot in Paris, so every frame looks very grand. Let us, therefore, study the nature and immense power that lies in the human self. pdf), Text File (. "Neither My Earth nor My Heavens can contain Me, but the heart of a Believing Servant, contains Me. Copy link to Tweet . Islam is my faith and my cherished way of life. That doesn’t usually happen When you think about your personality, maybe words like social and bubbly or quiet and reflective come to mind. UNSPECIFIED. my spiritual personality yaqeen

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