About Us

Harsh Shiksha & Seva Sansthan Badgi is a non-government organization, registered under the Society registration 1985. Since August 2011 it has been working on developmental issues to benefit poor and deprived sections with special emphasis on women and child development at education, health and livelihood front.

Harsh Shiksha & Seva Sansthan Badgi believes that education and health is constitutional right of the people and its provision is a fundamental duty of the state and civil society. Harsh Shiksha & Seva Sansthan Badgi was initiated by the spirited missionary Pdt. Jeevat Ram Sharma as a crusade against ignorance. Today a number of inspired and adroit alumni are serving the society and are involved in the process. The initial years of Harsh Shiksha & Seva Sansthan Badgi focused on Education as primary sector, while now it applies the principles of integration.

Harsh Shiksha & Seva Sansthan Badgi has adopted a participatory and people centered approach directed to protect basic rights of people living in poverty through awareness and empowerment. Our main strategy is to develop linkages with various government schemes and other opportunities through collaboration.

Our Vission

Asia is fast emerging as the engine of growth for global economy. India should be occupying the centre stage by virtue of its pool of talent and the highest youth to total population ratio.Therefore India has to sustain its edge over other major nations in the arena of higher and technical education. Even the Euro American nations have been focusing upon India for their growing needs of manpower for most of the knowledge based sectors. Hence India has to emerge as the fulcrum for the higher and technical education for the entire world.

The Harsh Shiksha & Seva Sansthan Badgi endovers to impart quality education and to built a strong base for pioneering studies in all the fields of research.The aim is to turn out talent with global vision and worldwide employbility to main positions in all knowledge base sectors globally.

Our Mission

To promote institutions of higher learning in various fast emerging knowledge based disciplines, for the talented youth where they can Acquire most advanced knowledge in their respective disciplines. Manifest their creative potentials through research and applications. Develop holistic competence with global vision, local interface, societal orientation, industrial applicability and patriotic passions.

Our Objectives

  • To impart quality education in various technical and professional disciplines.
  • To bring academic excellence in various spheres of knowledge.
  • To establish world-class state of the art infrastructure to facilitate quality education.
  • To cultivate skills to enhance employability of the students including inclination forself employment.
  • To promote quality research.
  • To focus on overall student development by using the latest pedagogical & andragogical inputs and through extra curricular activities like sports, cultural program, projects etc.
  • To be engaged in socially relevant community development projects.
  • To forge strong industry- institute linkages for mutually beneficial exchanges.
  • To create and disseminate knowledge by conducting & participating national & international conferences.
  • To create a platform where other similar institutions can share their activities
  • To inculcate entrepreneurial ability among the students.